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    Tell a lie and find a troth. As if there were no way of discovery but by simulation. -- Francis Bacon (1601)

    Bacon's words speak to us even today. They attest to the value of synthesis in the optimization of complex systems. How else are we to ask "What if?" when no adequate mathematical description is available? Today, computer simulation provides an answer. When it comes to predictive power, no other methodology comes close.

    True, computer simulation is not the same as the real thing. It's only an electronic fantasy created to demonstrate how some complicated system will behave. But it's also the most powerful prediction tool we have.


    Our premier simulation product, GPSS World, is based on the seminal language of computer simulation, GPSS, which stands for General Purpose Simulation System. This language was developed primarily by Geoffrey Gordon at IBM around 1960, and has contributed important concepts to every commercial discrete event Computer Simulation Language developed ever since. GPSS World is a direct descendent of GPSS/PC, an early implementation of GPSS for personal computers. Since it's introduction in 1984, GPSS/PC and its successors have saved thousands of users millions of dollars. GPSS World is the worthy descendent of these early simulation environments.

    GPSS World is designed to deliver answers quickly and reliably, with the least effort, achieving the highest reliability of results. Consistent with these objectives, visualization of running simulations is highly stylized and a default statistical treatment is built in. This approach means that animations are "free" requiring no additional effort to produce, but are not photo-realistic. GPSS World's forte is transparency, not photo-realism. Third party animation systems are available which can provide pictorial animations based on GPSS World simulations.

    GPSS World was designed primarily to deliver quality answers while maintaining a high level of transparency and controllability. Further, GPSS World facilitates the statistical analysis required of any serious simulation project. In summary, it is a self contained environment with everything from built-in probability distributions to automatic experiment generation, for screening as well as for optimization.

   Are you ready to give it a try?  Download a GPSS World Simulation Environment on our downloads page. There are lots of examples to get you started.

    For more information on GPSS World, please consult GPSS World Features, GPSS World Products, the GPSS World Reference Manual, and the GPSS World Tutorial Manual.


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