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GPSS World Licenses and Fees

    The use of each GPSS World product is governed by an associated Minuteman Software License Agreement: Student, Personal, Academic, or Commercial. In all cases, Minuteman Software retains ownership of all associated intellectual properties and copyrights, but licenses their use by clients of Minuteman Software.

    All GPSS World products, except the Student Version, require the payment of license fee to Minuteman Software for perpetual use of the software on a single computer, or server. After the support period, all GPSS World products, including  the Student Version, require the payment of a small installation fee to Minuteman Software for each installation of the software.

    For the Personal and Commercial Versions of GPSS World, concurrent use on multiple machines is prohibited unless multiple use licenses are obtained from Minuteman Software. This applies even after the support period expires. If a new installation of is established, any old installation must be deleted from its host machine. These restrictions do not apply to the Student Version.

    The GPSS World Student License Agreement and the GPSS World Academic License Agreement prohibit the use of the software for  commercial purposes. These licenses allow only for academic use, including both learning and research. Non-academic organizations must acquire a GPSS World Personal License Agreement, or a GPSS World Commercial License Agreement. The Personal version is restricted to use by individuals and businesses with 25 or fewer employees.

   Except for the Student Version, transferral of any GPSS World License is prohibited without the written permission of Minuteman Software.


GPSS World Student License Agreement

GPSS World Personal License Agreement

GPSS World Academic License Agreement

GPSS World Commercial License Agreement


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