GPSS World™ 

    Using GPSS World™, it is possible to predict the effects of design and operational decisions on extremely complex real world systems. Our Tutorial has over two dozen easy examples to show you how it can be done.

    GPSS World™ is a high powered general purpose computer simulation environment, designed for recurring use by simulation professionals. It is a comprehensive modeling tool covering both discrete and continuous computer simulation, with a high level of interactivity and visualizability. It is designed to deliver answers quickly, without requiring unnecessary preparation of elaborate visualizations. Users can expect emphasis on debugging and data analysis in an easily remembered user interface. This is ideal for those who must have quick answers occasionally, but cannot devote full time to maintain a complex simulation environment. 

    GPSS World™ preserves the highly interactive simulation environment of its predecessor, GPSS/PC™. In addition, new features include:

  • Object Oriented User Interface with Model, Simulation, Report, and Text Objects
  • High Performance Model Translator
  • Programmable Experiments with Automatic Data Analysis
  • Multitasking of Simulation Objects
  • Save and Restore of Running Simulations
  • User Input/Output and Simulation I/O
  • Over 20 Built-in Probability Distributions
  • Integrated Programming Language (PLUS™)
  • PLUS™ Procedure Library
  • 13 Different Graphical Views of Running Simulation Objects
  • OPEN/CLOSE/READ/WRITE/SEEK Blocks supporting Simulation I/O
  • Automatic Integration of Ordinary Differential Equations of any Order
  • Hot Keys for Quick Interactions
  • Point and Shoot Debugging
  • Precise GPSS/PC™ Compatibility
  • Automatic Experiment Generators
  • Open, Close, Read, Write, and Seek PLUS Routines.
  • Batch Mode with controlled Exit
  • Block Input Dialogs
  • Settable Tab Stops
  • Dynamic Call capabilities for accessing external functions.

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