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  1. How do I enter my Numeric Software Key?
  2. Why do I get Translation Errors in my Expressions?



How do I enter my Numeric Software key?

    Most installations of GPSS World are automatic, or nearly so, requiring only a few mouse clicks. However, some installations require that a registration form be submitted to Minuteman Software.

    If an internet connection is available, chances are that the rest of the activation will be automatic. However if email messages are sent, a numeric user key will be returned for you to enter into a dialog box.

    After you install a full version of GPSS World, the first time you launch it you are asked to fill out an activation dialog to request a numeric key so you can run the software. The next step is to send the automatically encrypted message to Minuteman Software. You can press a button to do this automatically (either via internet connection or via e-mail), or you can place the encrypted message on your system's clipboard, and you can send it yourself to activation@minutemansoftware.com.

    If your registration is in order, the numeric key will be returned the way it was sent--either internet connection or email.

    For email registration, you must then exit GPSS World completely. Then next time you launch it, you will be asked to enter the numeric key. You can just type it in, or, if you click right on the entry field, you can simply paste from the clipboard. Click OK, and you should be on your way.


Why do I get Translation Errors in my Expressions?

    There are two common reasons for problems in expressions.

    First, when expressions are used as  arguments in GPSS Statements, they must be placed inside parentheses. 

    Secondly, for historical reasons, by default, GPSS World uses the # symbol to denote multiplication instead of *, which is used for indirect addressing of System Numerical Attributes. If you prefer, you can switch the use of these characters by changing a Model Setting. If you do, * will denote multiplication, and # will denote GPSS indirect addressing and can also be used to start a comment line.


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