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Problem Report Form

    We cannot advise you on modeling questions, only software problems. Consulting Services for model development are available at an hourly rate.

    Unfortunately, since thousands of students use our software, we are not always able to respond to users of the Student Version.

    Please be as specific as possible when describing the problem.

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Known Problems

    The following is a list of some of the problems fixed recently.


Fixed in 5.2.2

  1. A space problem allocating space to PLUS Procedures at compilation time was fixed.

Fixed in 5.2.0

  1. Automatically Generated Experiments failed in a comparison to UNSPECIFIED data elements.


Fixed in 5.1.1

  1. Models were inadvertently limited to  16095 Blocks.
  2. Function Followers were inadvertently limited to 144 points.
  3. Extremely long Strings were truncated under certain circumstances.
  4. Run Procedure Name did not appear in newly generated Screening Experiment.
  5. Savevalue Window had incorrect column headers.
  6. Savevalue SNA incorrectly permitted assignment of an UNSPECIFIED Matrix Element value.
  7. Block Entity Access form GATE or TEST Block failed.
  8. SCAN and EXAMINE Blocks updated statistics in the wrong alternate destination Block.
  9. Integration did not complete when FEC was exhausted.
  10. INTEGRATE ON failed to initialize completely.


Fixed in 5.0.3

  1. DLL Conflicts on installation. Due to incorrect DLL update.Fixed by Microsoft Windows Installer.
  2. Error in Kernel32.dll. Due to incorrect DLL update.Fixed by Microsoft Windows Installer.
  3. System Error. Internal Exception. Occurs on Write(PolyCatenate())
  4. Bad Student Version Block Limit Error message.
  5. TRANSFER Fraction error. TRANSFER 1.000 incorrectly procedes to NSB.
  6. SELECT and COUNT Blocks make incorrect selection for floating point numbers.
  7. Program Exception can occur creating a Report Window.
  8. Unhandled exception using F12 on Windows XP.Workaround: Use Ctrl+F12.

No Longer Supported

  1. The BATCH option was created for DOS command operation and is no longer supported.


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