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minman.gif (4108 bytes)    Since 1984, Minuteman Software has developed and supported powerful, but user-friendly software. Beginning with the pioneering interactive simulation product, GPSS/PC, and later GPSS World, Minuteman Software has provided state-of-the-art software and services to the simulation community.

    Over the years we have prided ourselves in quality and customer satisfaction. Our simulation products are used by thousands of professionals in over 55 countries around the world. With the introduction of GPSS World first on OS/2 and now on the Microsoft Windows compatible platforms, simulation analysts using Minuteman Software's products can be effective in today's constantly changing Internet environments, but still retain compatibility with models developed in the past.

    GPSS, the General Purpose Simulation System, is the forerunner of all discrete event simulation languages. Every commercial simulation language available today owes a debt of gratitude to this powerful methodology developed primarily by Geoffrey Gordon at IBM in the early 1960's. 

    In the early 1980's, we, at Minuteman Software, pioneered the development of GPSS on personal computers. Our highly interactive simulation environment, GPSS/PC™, brought what had been a prohibitively expensive technology to the desktop. Since then, ten of thousands of simulation analysts worldwide have applied our simulation products, saving many millions of dollars.

    GPSS World™ is our interactive simulation development environment designed for use in 32 bit Windows environments. Not only does it have all the capability of  GPSS/PC™, but it integrates a large number of powerful simulation features including an integrated programming language and programmable experiments. It also has built-in probability distributions, a procedure library, and true multitasking. All this under a powerful, but simplified, simulation environment.

    The feature list is actually much longer, so we put it on separate pages. If you would like to see more, start by clicking on Features.

    In addition, we provide consulting services to users of computer simulation. We can contribute to simulation planning, design, model construction, and analysis. Please tell us about your needs.


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    Please use our email address: info@minutemansoftware.com if you have any questions or problems we might be able to help you with.

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