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    Our GPSS Worldtm line of simulation products has successfully served thousands of users. Let us tell you about them.


Simulation is Predictive Power!

    We, at Minuteman Software, have been providing quality simulation software to professionals around the world for over 20 years. Our customers have saved millions of dollars by optimizing their systems according to simulation results.

    How about you? Want to see farther into the future? Download a GPSS World Simulation Environment and give it a try! There are lots of examples to get you started. (The download file is around 5 MB in size).


Web Site Outline

    We have assembled a lot of resources to aid your foray into Computer Simulation. There's a site map to get you oriented, but if you prefer, here's a quick tour of the Web site:

    In our General Information section you may find the answer to many of your questions, and solutions to your problems. In our Product Information section you will find specifications and license agreements. But there are also two, more interesting items, as well. We have both the GPSS World Reference Manual and the GPSS World Tutorial Manual online in HTML form.

     When you're ready to dive in, there is the Downloads Page, which provides for downloads of the GPSS World as well as the student version of our DOS product, GPSS/PC.

    If you encounter a problem, you may want to open the  Frequently Asked Questions and Problems pages, where you may find usable information.

    In addition to offering Consulting Services ourselves, we collect the names of expert simulation analysts who are interested in providing their services as consultants. You may be able to take advantage of their experience. Or, let us know if you are interested in making your services available. There are plenty of ways for you to let us know what's on your mind. Feel free report any Problem you might have encountered.

    Be sure to download your copy of our Student Version. It is essentially a full power, full speed simulation environment, restricted to moderate sized models. It has all the sample models we distribute with GPSS World, including those used in the tutorial. When you install it, you will find a fully indexed version of the GPSS World Reference Manual incorporated into its Help system.


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